Bioactive Phytoconstituents of Morus Plants exhibiting Numerous Therapeutic Activities

Document Type : Review Articles


1 Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University, Giza, Egypt.

2 Department of Pharmacognosy, National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt

3 Department of Pharmacognosy, School of Pharmacy, Newgiza University, Giza, Egypt

4 Chemistry Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University, Giza, Egypt.

5 Plant Biotechnology Department, Genetic Engineering Division, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.


Morus is a plant genus of the family Moraceae, most of which is used as a decoction in traditional medicines for the treatment of cough, bronchitis, pulmonary diseases and reduces the plasma sugar level. Many studies on Morus phytochemistry have contributed to the discovery of Diels-Alder-type adducts, arylbenzofurans, and flavonoids with antioxidant, antihyperglycemic, antihypertensive, antihyperlipidemic, and anti-inflammatory activities. The purpose of this article was to offers an account of the updated knowledge on the phytochemicals and pharmacological activities of these compounds. This review will help to fully understanding the efficacy and pave the way for further explore the comprehensive use of Morus. We conclude that Morus needs many more reports in the identification of bioactive constituents to strengthen the claim of folk medicines.


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