Synthesis and Evaluation of Polymeric Dispersant Based on Vegetable Oils Their Application as Cutting Fluid

Document Type : Original Article


Petrochemicals Department, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Cairo, 11727 Egypt


In this work, a novel vegetable oil-based polymeric agents were prepared by epoxidation of rapeseed oil (RO) and castor oil (CO) followed by ring opening reaction of epoxidized products, (epoxidized rapeseed oil and epoxidized castor oil) (ERO) and (ECO) with polyethylene glycol with different molecular weights (400, 600 and 10000 g/mole). The prepared polymers were characterized by 1H NMR, FTIR and GPC for determination of molecular weight. The properties of epoxidized vegetable oil (EVO) and Polymeric vegetable oils (polymeric dispersant of rapseed (PDR) and (polymeric dispersant of castor (PDC) were studied. The prepared polymers were employed as emulsifiers for metal working cutting fluids (MWCF) application.


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