Synthesis of Chitosan –g-Acrylamide-Co-Acrylic Acid /Ag Nanocomposite For Extended Wound Healing Application

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1 Assistant lecture-College of pharmacy-University Of Anbar

2 University of Fallujah/ Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Department

3 College of Pharmacy, University Of Anbar, Iraq

4 33 El-buhoth street. dokki. gize. egypt


New nanocomposite based on chitosan and acrylamide and silver nanoparticles has been prepared to produce wound dressing has superior properties as heamostatic and antibacterial activity. Chitosan successfully grafted with acrylamide via free radical copolymerization using potassium persulphate. Four different chitosan grafted acrylamide prepared and fully characterized through nitrogen content and ATR/IR. Cs-g- PAAM partially hydrolyzed at basic condition in presence of silver nitrate in order to prepare Cs-g-PAAm-co-PAAc/Ag nanocomposite. The optimum condition for preparing homogenous and well distributed was examined using grafted polymers were characterized using TEM and UV-vis absorption. Cs:PAAm (1:1) showed homogenous spherical silver nanoparticles and distributed particles lying at nano size range between 10-30 nm.


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