Development of an Ecological-friendly Method for Dexamethasone Determination and Cloud Point Extraction in pharmaceutical formulations using Schiff Base Reaction

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1 Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Diyala University Diyala, Iraq

2 Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Al-Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad-Iraq.

3 State Company for Mining Industries, Baghdad -Iraq


In this work, new spectrophotometric techniques development for assessment of dexamethasone are described. The first technique including conversion of dexamethasone to colored compound with 2, 4-DNPH as reagent in the acidic medium. The colored compound has a yellow color with absorbance at 405 nm. Between the range of concentration ( 5.0-40 mg.L-1) , The beer,s law is obeyed with correlation coefficient as ( 0.9959), LOD as 0.507 mg.L-1, LOQ as 1.5 mg.L-1. Secondly, in the first technique accompanied by measurement with a UV-Visible spectrophotometer, the CPE technique was used to determine the quantity of the color compound. The linearity of calibration curve was above the range of ( 0.5-6.0 mg.L-1), R2 was 0.9974. LOD and LOQ were found to be 0.108 and 0.354 mg.L-1 respectively. This technique was successfully utilized for dexamethasone detection in the several pharmaceutical formulations by REC% was rang between ( 98-101).


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