Preparation and Efficiency of Environmentally Friendly Metal Working Fluid (Mwfs) from Chemical Modification of Waste Cooking Oil

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Petrochemicals Department, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt


To produce ecofriendly and proficient metal working fluids and also to decrease the impact of waste cooking oil in the environment, waste cooking oil was recycled in novel prepare. Waste cooking oil was glycolyzed utilizing polyethylene glycol 400, 600 and 1000 gm to allow the glycolyzed products (GWCO-400, GWCO-600 and GWCO-1000). The prepared additives were utilized as emulsifiers to form metal working fluid application in presence of cooking oil, castor oil, and Jatropha oil as environmentally friendly oils. The outcomes demonstrated great soundness of the prepared water-vegetable oils emulsions. The pH, specific gravity, kinematic viscosity at 40 oC, surface tension, and anticorrosion tests of the obtained MWFs gave acceptable results compared to several working fluids formulations.


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