Recovery of Zinc from Zinc Dross Using Pyrometallurgical and Electrochemical Methods

Document Type : Original Article


1 Corrosion Control & Surface Protection Lab., Metals Technology Dept., Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute

2 Dept. of chemistry, Faculty of Science, Cairo University


4 Higher Institute of Engineering at 15th May City, Egypt


Recovery of zinc from its dross was investigated using electrochemical and pyrometallurgical methods. Almost 100% pure zinc was obtained using these methods. A small bench scale system for the investigating the recovery of zinc using pyrometallurgical methods was developed. The system based on the evaporation of zinc (in the dross) at 1050oC and condensing zinc vapors into pure zinc in a separate crucible. Almost pure Zn (99.95%) is obtained using this method. Recovery of zinc was also performed using electrowinning from acidified zinc sulfate bath and electrorefining of zinc dross anodes in alkaline ammonia bath. In either method different parameters including current density and deposition time were addressed. Zinc powder of almost 100% purity was obtained.


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