Preparation and Spectroscopic Studies of Some Copper and Nickel Schiff Base Complexes and their Applications as Colouring Pigments in Protective Paints Industry


1 Al-Azhar University in cairo

2 Al Azhar University

3 Executive Director of PACHIN Co.


New copper (II), nickel (II) Schiff base complexes derived from 3,3 Dimethoxy anizidine and selected aldehydes, namely 2,4 dihydroxybenzaldehyde with the metal salts have been synthesized using a simple technique of microwave method (Green chemistry). The physical properties of prepared ligand and its metal complexes were recorded. The ligand and complexes were characterized using elemental analysis, NMR, infrared and also their geometrical structure were investigated using spectral UV–Vis reflectance, magnetic susceptibility, electron spin resonance (ESR), thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) and scan electron microscope (SEM). The performance tests (oil absorption, fineness of grind, moisture content, pH and bleeding test in different solvents) of the solid metal complexes were explored to ensure that the complexes can be used as a pigments in the field of anti-corrosive paints without any compatibility problems in the paint’s vehicle. The anti-corrosive paints were formulated based on the prepared metal complexs as a pigments and the Physical, mechanical, color properties and corrosion resistance of dry paint films were also examined. The obtained results revealed that the prepared metal complex pigments showed excellent mechanical, corrosion resistance with color stability and don’t effect or react with the other components in the anti-corrosive paint formula.


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