ZnTiO3 Nanoparticles as Novel Multifunctional Finishing of Cotton Fabric


MULTIFUNCTIONAL textiles, a topic which is important from
scientific and economic point of view will be the new direction
for development of fabrics and clothing. Finishing of textiles with
nanoparticles is a novel rout for creation of unique functions.It is
well known that ZnO and TiO2 possess UV-protection, antibacterial
and photocatalytic properties, but there is no enough information
concerning the similar behavior of ZnTiO3. This provokes the
interest to synthesize that compound and to examine its UVprotection
and antibacterial properties in addition to its photocatalytic
activity. In this study the synthesis and use of hybrid polymers
loaded with ZnTiO3 nanoparticles were presented. Hybrid
polymerused here are based on 3-glycidyloxypropyltrimethoxysilane
(GPTMS). ZnTiO3 nanoparticles was used to impart cotton based
fabric UV-protection, antibacterial and self-cleaning properties. The
viability of the novel finishing as UV-protection will be dictatedby
UV-Vis spectroscopy and byassessment of the ultraviolet protection
factor (UPF). The antibacterial activity of these sol-gel derived
hybrid materials will be researched against Gram-negative bacterium
Escherichia coli DSMZ 498 and Gram-positive Micrococcus lutues
ATCC 9341. Photocatalytic degradation (decolorization) of
methylene blue (MB) in both ZnTiO3 nanoparticles sol-gel solution
/or on the coated fabrics was evaluated. The impact of this finishing
technique on other fabric properties, e.g. air permeability,
whiteness,and stiffness will be investigated