Kinetics of Thermal Decomposition of Iron Carbonate


THE THERMAL decomposition of iron cabonate in air was ……studied by means of DTA-TG, XRD, SEM and Mossbauer measurements. The kinetics of the thermal decomposition process were studied using isothermal and non-isothermal thermogravimetric techniques. The results show that the thermal decomposition proceeds in one step to iron oxide. Kinetic analysis of isothermal data of the decomposition reaction in the light of various solid state reaction models revealed that the reaction is best described by the diffusion models. Kinetic analysis of the dynamic TG curves were discussed with reference to Diefallah’s composite integral method, in comparison with the integral methods due to Coats-Redfern and to Ozawa. The activation parameters were calculated and the results of the isothermal and dynamic integral methods which were compared to each other were discussed.