Selective Formula as A Corrosion Inhibitor to Protect the Surfaces of Antiquities Made of Leather-Composite Brass Alloy

Document Type : Original Article


1 El Fayom university

2 Miser University of Science and Technology, 6th of October City, Egypt

3 Physical chemistry department


The interactions between the metal and the surroundings are responsible for electrochemical reactions that contribute to corrosion. To mitigate or deter corrosion of exposed metal in a corrosive environment, and corrosion agent must be applied to the metal surface to prevent further oxidation and therefore the presence of corrosion materials. One of the common techniques used by professionals associated in conservation-restoration to preserve metallic cultural heritage is the corrosion inhibitors. The second section of the thesis deals with the conservation and management by using an environmentally friendly corrosion agent of the corrosion of brass composite brass leather parts from the Bulaq Museum, Cairo, Egypt. Microscope Optical and scanning electron Analysis was performed to determine the microstructure of the alloy. Determining the alloy chemical composition of the identified objects using dispersive energy spectroscopy (EDS). Using X-ray diffraction (XRD), corrosion products were established. Finally, the effectiveness of composites between industrial corrosion inhibitors and surfactant materials was identified by the positive effects of (TTA + SLS) on handling. Before and after treatments the brass surfaces were described using SEM, EDS, XRD, FTIR, and XPS.


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