Innovative Technology for Multifunctionalization of Cotton Fabric through Cellulase Biotreatment, Reactive Dyeing and Easy Care Finishing


INNOVATIVE technology for preparation of multifunctionalized ….. cotton fabrics with high technical performance was established. The innovation entailed the following consecutive sequence: cotton fabrics were subjected to cellulase biotreatment followed by reactive dyeing then easy care finishing treatment. pH was adjusted at 7 before commencing dyeing and finishing. No washing or drying was involved in the sequence. The so obtained fabrics displayed high technical performance as monitored by color strength, wrinkle recovery angle, retained strength in addition to softness and smoothness. Anchoring the enzyme to the cotton fabric ought to be taken as one of the reasons accounting for such high performance. It is believed that the enzyme protein molecules are fixed and immobilized within the molecules structure of cotton via their attachment to the cellulose hydroxyls by the finish molecules. The latter acts as bridges connecting the protein molecules of the enzyme with the cellulose macromolecules of the cotton fabric.


Volume 56, Issue 5 - Serial Number 5
December 2013
Pages 367-377
  • Receive Date: 12 July 2012
  • Revise Date: 21 December 2017
  • Accept Date: 22 December 2013
  • First Publish Date: 30 December 2013