Effect of Egyptian Roselle Biodiesel on Performance and Emissions of Diesel Engine

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1 Mechanical Engineering department- National Research Centre

2 Mechanical Engineering Department- National Research Centre


The increase in fuel demand consumption led to search about alternative fuels. Screw press was used to extract oil from roselle seeds at a temperature of 45 °C and motor speed of 30 rpm. Biodiesel was produced from roselle oil. Biodiesel blends were prepared from diesel and roselle biodiesel in volume percentages of 10 and 20 %. The experiments were run at engine load variations from start to full load. Thermal efficiency for roselle methyl ester blends was higher than diesel oil. Biodiesel blends achieved lower specific fuel consumptions of roselle methyl ester blends about diesel fuel. CO and HC emissions for biodiesel blends were decreased of diesel fuel. Biodiesel blends showed higher NOx emissions for biodiesel blends about diesel fuel. Roselle rmethyl ester blends up to 20% percentage are used as alternative fuels because performance and emissions were improved compared to diesel fuel.


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