Keywords = Biofuels
Impacts of (NH4)2CO3, Ca(H2PO4)2, K2CO3 and CaCO3 additives on lipid accumulation in microalga Chlorella sorokiniana

Volume 66, Issue 8, August 2023, Pages 47-57


Maryam Faried; Amany Khalifa; Essam Abdelsalam; Yasser Attia; Mohamed A Moselhy; Rania Yousef; Khaled Mohamed Abdelbary; Ahmed El-Hussein; Mohamed Samer

Application of Helium-Neon Red Laser for Increasing Biohydrogen Production from Anaerobic Digestion of Biowastes

Volume 65, Issue 1, January 2022, Pages 11-17


Ahmed A Abdelqader; Essam M Abdelsalam; Yasser A Attia; Mohamed Moselhy; Abdallah S. Ali; Ahmed H Arisha; Mohamed Samer

Effects of Fe2O3, MnO2, MgO and ZnO additives on lipid and biodiesel production from microalgae

Volume 65, Issue 1, January 2022, Pages 511-519


Amany A. Khalifa; Maryam Faried; Essam M Abdelsalam; Yasser Attia Attia; Mohamed A Moselhy; Rania Yousef; Mohamed Samer

Photobiostimulation of Chlorella sorokiniana Using Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for Increasing Lipid and Biodiesel Production

Volume 64, Issue 10, October 2021, Pages 5575-5583


M. Faried; Abdallah S. Ali; R. H. Ahmed; M.A. Moselhy; E. Abdelsalam; R.S. Yousef; D.A. Marrez; M. Samer