Keywords = Antiproliferative
Synthesis of bioactive benzopyridazine derivatives as antiproliferative agents against different cancer cell lines

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 23 June 2024


Shimaa Mohamed Fatah; Abdullah A.S. Ahmed; Esraa Nazieh El-Bery; Hanem M. Awad; Abdel-Aleem Hassan Abdel-Aleem; Ibrahim El-Tantawy El- Sayed; Mona K. Abo Hussein

Synthesis and Antiproliferative Ativity of 2,4-Bis(indol-3-yl)pyrrole Derivatives: Marine Nortopsentin Analogs

Volume 64, Issue 8, August 2021, Pages 4697-4706


Mohamed Rdwan; Osama alrugaie; Waleed Al Abdulmonem; Mohammad Alfaifi; Serag Eldin Elbehairi