Keywords = Red Sea
Biochemical Identification of Some True Halophytes Using DNA Barcoding in the Egyptian Red Sea Coast

Volume 67, Issue 4, April 2024, Pages 315-327


Mohammad A. Al-Tahlawy; Mai A. Allam; Mohamed A. Matter; Mohamed A. M. Atia; Ezeldain Shafee; Mohamed R. Rady; Mahmoud M. Sakr; Demiana H. Hanna

Chemical Assessment and Anticancer Activity Study of Diverse Marine Organisms From Red Sea Riviera

Volume 65, Issue 131, December 2022, Pages 1567-1578


Amal Z Hassan; Ali M El-Hagrassi; Sohair M Salem; Hanaa M Rady; Mohamed Shaaban

Biodegradation of Some PAHs by a Locally-Isolated Strain of Actinomycetes

Volume 64, Issue 4, April 2021, Pages 2025-2036


Iman Selim; Mohamed Hassanin Elgammal; Olfat Sayed Barakat; Aziz Mohamed Higazy