Author = Z. M. Abdel-Megied
Impact of Hollow Cellulosic Fiber-Based Polyester / Cotton / Bamboo Hybrid Composites on Physical and Some Comfort Properties

Volume 65, Issue 131, December 2022, Pages 909-918


Amal Mohamed EL-Moursy; Osama A. Hakeim; Z. M. Abdel-Megied; Manar.Y. Abd El-Aziz; Nour. A. H.A. Asser

Use of Textile Nets to Reinforce Concrete Elements

Volume 65, Issue 131, December 2022, Pages 919-924


Zienab M. Elgory; Manar Yahia Ismail Abd El-Aziz

The Enhancement of the Functional Properties of Polyester Microfiber Single Jersey Using Some Nano-materials

Volume 63, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 145-154


Zienab M. Elgory; khaled M. seddik; Manar Yahia; Lamiaa Kamal El-Gabry

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Treated Acrylic Fabrics Using Nano-Bentonite

Volume 62, Special Issue (Part 2) Innovation in Chemistry, December 2019, Pages 467-489


Lamiaa El-Gabry; Mohamed Abo Hayes; Amira Abou El-Kheir; Zienab Elgory

Impact of the Fabrication Parameters on the Performance of Embroidered E-clothes

Volume 62, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 109-117


Eman Swielam; Samiea Eltopshy; Sania K. Sobhy; Z. M. Abdel-megied; Ahmad M. Labeeb