Volume & Issue: Volume 62, Issue 5, May 2019 
1. Eco-friendly Mimosa Tannin Adhesive System for Bagasse Particleboard Fabrication

Pages 777-787


Essam Abd El-Sayed; Mohamed El-Sakhawy; Samir Kamel; Ahmed El-Gendy; Ragab Abouzeid

6. Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Some Azo Disperse Dyes withAntibacterial Activities. Part 1

Pages 853-859


Morsy Elapasery; Abdelhaleem M Hussein; Abubaker A Eladasy; Mohamed O Saleh; Magda Kamel

8. Influence of Blend Ratio on The Electrical Characteristics of Vulcanized SBR/NBR Blends Compatibilized by Cis-polybutadiene Rubber

Pages 869-883


Elbadawy Kamoun; Ahmed Salah Doma; Sayed Abboudy; Sherine N. Khattab; Ali A. El-Bardan; Mohamed A. Belal