Keywords = Polyaniline
Preparation and Evaluation of PANI/PVA/Cu Bionanocomposite Hydrogel via Green Route

Volume 67, Issue 4, April 2024, Pages 533-542


Asmaa Yasser; Dalia Hanaa; Ahmed Youssef; Magdy Abdelaal

Performance of Nanocomposite Polysulfone-Polyaniline Substrates for Enhanced Thin Film Membranes

Volume 65, Issue 10, October 2022, Pages 543-550


Elsayed M. Elnaggar; Mohamed E.A. Ali; Mostafa M. Abo-Elfadl; Salah F. Abdellah; Ehab S. Gad; Amr A. Sammak; Gamal M. El-kady

Effect of O2, N2, Ar, and Ar/O2 Plasma Treatment on Optical Properties of Polyaniline Films

Volume 64, Issue 9, September 2021, Pages 5111-5115


Mohammed K Khalaf; Iman A Mohammed Ali; Muhammed Jwair Dathaan; Muslim Idan Hamil

Preparation and Characterization of some Composite Phosphate Glass-Polyaniline Derivatives Studying Their Antimicrobial Activity

Volume 64, Issue 9, September 2021, Pages 5315-5326


A. Kh. Helmy; H. A. ElBatal; F.H. ElBatal; M. A. Ouis; A. A. Gamal; H. M. Abd El-Salam

The Concept, Deposition Routes, and Applications of Superhydrophobic Surfaces – Review

Volume 64, Issue 2, February 2021, Pages 997-1018


Mona Hasan; Zeinab Abdel Hamid; Sayed Thabet; Ahmed Ibrahim; Maamoun A. Maamoun

A Novel Method for The Preparation of Conductive Methyl Cellulose-Silver Nanoparticles-Polyaniline-Nanocomposite

Volume 63, Issue 9, September 2020, Pages 3567-3582


Manal A. El-Sheikh; Amal Al-Enezy; Fatema El-Enezy; Dalil Ashammri; Fatema El-Enezy; Waad Alrowili

Synthesis and Characterization of Polyaniline/Mn3O4/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite

Volume 62, Special Issue (Part 1) Innovation in Chemistry, December 2019, Pages 251-265


Abdelfatah Darwish; Ahmed Ghoniem; Mohamed Yousry Hassaan; Omnia El-Said Shehata; Gamal Turky