Volume & Issue: Volume 66, Issue 1, January 2023 
Synthesis of a novel enantiopure imidazo-isoxazole derivatives and in silico prediction of ADME/pharmacokinetics properties

Pages 353-360


Mejdi Snoussi; Ameni Ghabi; Magdy El-Sadek abid; Abdullah Althunayyan; Azda Alassaf; Fahad Alminderej; Abuzar E. A. E. Albadria; Wael A. El-Sayed; Adel Kadri; Kais Aouadi

An Overview On Gliricidia Sepium In The Pharmaceutical Aspect: A Review Article

Pages 479-496


Aya Ahmed Wafaey; Seham Salah Eldin El Hawary; farid kirollos; Mohamed Fayed Abdelhameed