Author = abdelmohsen soliman
Preparation of Antimicrobial Efficient Rubber Vulcanizate Compounded with Jojoba Seeds Meal Powder

Volume 67, Issue 13, December 2024, Pages 421-428


Abdelmohsen Soliman; Doaa Essamey El-Nashar; Aman I Khalaf; Heba S Kandil; Dalia E. El-Nashar; Azza Ward

Green Thermoplastic Polymer Blends with Enhanced Antimicrobial Properties from Curcuma longa Nanoparticles

Volume 66, Issue 13, December 2023, Pages 475-482


Nehad N. Rozik; Aman I Khalaf; Sherein I. Abdelmoez; Abdelmohsen Soliman

Safety rubber vulcanizates containing natural product for toys industry

Volume 65, Issue 132, December 2022, Pages 1135-1143


Doaa Essamey El-Nashar; Fahima M Helaly; Aman I Khalaf; Nehad N Rozik; Heba S Kandil; Adel koriem khater; Ayman M Ellaban; Sherein Abdelmoez; Abdelmohsen Soliman

Bioactive Compounds From Mango Peels (Mangifera Indica Tommy Atkins) And Demonstration Of Its Cytotoxicity And Ccl4 Induced Hepatotoxicity In Rats

Volume 64, Issue 9, September 2021, Pages 4747-4756


Sahar Awad Allah Hussein; Amani Elmosallamy; Abdelmohsen Soliman; Mohamed El-Zaidy; Mohamed El Gerby

GC/MS-Based Metabolomics Profiling Approach and Determination of Ameliorative effect of Chiliadenus montanus extract towards CCl4 induced Hepatotoxicity in Albino Rats

Volume 64, Issue 7, July 2021, Pages 3499-3510


Mona Abdullah Mousa; Ali Mohamed Elhagrasi; Alaaeldin Sayed Sayed Ewase; Abdelmohsen M. Soliman; Sahar Awadallah Hussein

Assessment in vitro Controlled Release Polymeric Nanocomposites Material Loaded with Different Drugs

Volume 63, Issue 7, July 2020, Pages 2647-2659


Fahima M Helaly; Doaa Essamey El-Nashar; Aman I Khalaf; Samaa Salam; Joanna Wietrzyk; Magdalena Milczarek; abdelmohsen soliman; Ghada Awad

The Antiproliferative Activity and Molecular Docking Studies of Some Sulfonamides against Cancer Cell Lines Compared to Normal Cells

Volume 61, Issue 3, May and June 2018, Pages 423-429


Abdel-Mohsen M. Soliman; Mohsen Kamel; Ahmed F. Eweas; Joanna Wietrzyk; Magdalena Milczarek